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Lash Extensions have come a long way in the last 10 years. The traditional “false” eyelashes, which were applied by gluing a single strip of synthetic eyelashes to your eyelid, only lasted a few days. Now lash extensions are individually bonded to your own lashes one at a time to create longer, fuller, glamorous lashes. All of our primers, adhesives, sealants and removers have been formulated to be hypoallergenic. Individually bonded lashes should only be done by a well trained, licensed and insured cosmetologist or Esthetician.

Volume Course


Sweet Lash Volume Course 

Volume lashes are taking the world by storm. Origininating out of Russia, this new technique gives client's safe, yet stunning volume, and is the largest innovation to the lash world! Volume lashing has only been in North America for 6 months, and is being adapted by top lash lounges all over North America.

For years, we were limited by the number of natural eyelashes our clients had. If they had 100 lashes per eye -- they would get 100 extensions. This is what we were taught was safe, and doing other-wise would compromise natural lash health. These were the days technicians were also using 0.20 and 0.18 diameter extensions though and we have come a LONG way since then!

We can now apply:

2  x 0.10 extensions to each natural lash

4 x 0.07 extensions to each eye

All of these options weigh LESS than one traditional 0.15 lash extension!

Not only does Volume lashing mean fuller lash extensions, but the extensions that are applied (usually 200-500 lashes per eye with volume) are also easier to maintain for our clients through breakthrough weight distribution of the lash bases, and added flexibility of thinner diameter extensions.

Do what are YOU waiting for? Learn this breakthrough technique and be one of the first 100 lashers in North America to offer Volume lashing to your clients!

Sweetlash Volume Course is informative and comprehensive. We provide our students  with all the knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in this profession. We believe that high quality skills are essential to your success as an Elite Lash Artist. We are firm believers that the best way to learn the eyelash extension application technique is through an intensive hands-on approach. Because self-presentation is also imperative as a top Lash Artist, we will also cover client management, how to market your business, and other practical issues in class.

Far beyond the basics - This Class is for SEASONED Lash Artist who have mastered the Classic first.

2- 6D Natural Lash to Eyelash Extensions with proper fanning

You Will Learn Various Different Volume Techniques

Lash Artistry in Designing Your Volume Set

Tapeing Technique for Speed

Getting Rid of Bad Habits

Design Techniques

 Plus All these little tricks and tips you need to know to help work and perform with ease.

Travel Education Available.  Email for information. 

Eyelash Extensions

Sweet Lash Elite Course


The Sweet Lash Elite Course will focus on safety, sanitation, proper setup, product knowledge, and lash application. The class will teach how to apply different looks, using a variety of lengths, curl and thickness. You will be able to effectively consult with your client regarding their eye shape and determine what look will benefit her. (Lash Extension Styling) Lash Artists will learn several different application techniques to improve speed: Including layering, lifting and spreading. 





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